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Welcome to – giving Rhode Islanders an open look into how their government is spending their hard-earned tax dollars! puts powerful online tools in your hands to explore the “truth in numbers” about the expenses made in your name. On this site, you can search and sort the raw data, provided directly by official government agencies, view much of it in eye-catching graphics displays, and interact with the data to highlight areas of interest to you. gives you easy access to a wealth of public information — presented objectively — and allows you to dig as far as you want to go and to draw your own conclusions.

Making key information accessible, our open government Web site plays an important transparency role allowing citizens to:

  • Better understand how their government actually works and how it spends taxpayer money
  • Identify and report instances of fraud, errors, or government waste
  • Investigate people on the public stage for perspective on their motivations for involvement

The data used on this Web site comes directly from public records obtained from the state and local government agencies that administer the various programs.

Do not hesitate to contact the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity by emailing us at info(at) if:

  • There is information that you do not see but would like access to
  • You notice an error

Thank you for your vigilance and for visiting!


 Mike Stenhouse, CEO

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity




The RI Center for
Freedom and Prosperity

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity is Rhode Island’s leading free-enterprise public policy think tank. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the Center is dedicated to providing concerned citizens, opinion leaders, and public officials with empirical research data, while also advancing free-market solutions to public policy issues in the state.

As part of our open government effort, we feel it is important that complete transparency be available so that the public can fully participate in crucial debates about the future well-being of our citizens and our state and local economies.

Freedom is not just a catch phrase. Firm in our belief that freedom is indispensable to our well-being and prosperity, the Center will advance public policy solutions designed to restore competitiveness to our state and to change lives for the better, including:

  • Increased economic and jobs growth through a reduction in tax and regulatory burdens on individuals and businesses
  • Providing enhanced educational opportunities for all students by empowering parents and teachers with expanded choices

The path to renewed prosperity for Rhode Island is the path that founded our nation and grew America into the world’s greatest developer of human and capital wealth … freedom.

Government transparency is vital for freedom and democracy.

Board of Trustees:

Dr. Daniel Harrop (Chairman)

Capt. Jay Jacot

James Lynch

Thomas Mrva

Thomas Sweeney

Dr. Ellen Kenner

Richard MacAdams

Joseph Orlando

Mike Riley



Mike Stenhouse (CEO)

Justin Katz (research director)

Akash Chougule (outreach coordinator)

Tysen Schlink (development director)